Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tough Mudder Tahoe - Northstar!

Sooo this past weekend Tough Mudder held their summer event in Tahoe at Northstar.  I had signed up for this event like 6 months ago, ready to tear the course apart.  I guess you could say I'm an athletic person.  Playing sports growing up and doing martial arts, I'd say I have a little physical toughness.  I got my cousin in law? (cousins wife) to do the event with me since she likes doing these types of things too.

The weather on Saturday was forecasted at 70 degrees on the mountain, which isn't bad considering it's Tahoe and you're way above sea level.  I wasn't sure how hard this event would be, considering the first 5 miles was all uphill, 2,000 vertical feet worth.  Backtracking a little bit, the total course was 10 miles and 19 obstacles.  It started at the base camp of Northstar, going all the way to the peak, and going back down.  Here are some pictures below of the event.

Here's us ready to go, numbers on the forehead and all.
Now we're really ready to go, just waiting for the wave before us to get a little distance.  Totally funny that to get to where we were, you had to climb a wall before you even started the actual event haha.
OMG arctic enema, that ice water was soooo cold!  I seriously felt like if I stayed in there for 5 more seconds, I would've gone into shock.
 Climbing to the peak did have its benefits though.  The views are fabulous in Tahoe.  Even if it's grassy and not all winter wonderland white :P.
Another one of the obstacles.  You're supposed to get help with this one, but I tried to do it myself...
Yeah not so much.  I ended up falling haha.  Then I got help from another Mudder to complete the obstacle.
Yay, finally making it to the peak!  At this point we were only half way, but the rest was downhill so it wasn't so bad.
And finally after we finished with our hard earned head bands.  The dry fit shirts we earned were nice too.

I think the event overall wasn't too bad.  I thought of it as a 10 mile hike with obstacles.  It's kind of hard to run uphill, so we didn't really do too much running uphill, but we did bomb down the hill.  The obstacles weren't too bad in my opinion either, but it does take some perseverance to get through all of them.  There were so many obstacles that involved water.  Get wet, dry off a little, get wet, dry off a little.  That was a bit annoying and a bit demoralizing.  If you can handle that, then keep on trucking and you should be able to finish the course fine.

Good luck in your pursuit to becoming a Tough Mudder!   

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