Saturday, June 29, 2013

Making Daifuku

So a few weeks ago we went down to Socal to visit the gf's parents and decided it would be appropriate to bring them something since we were staying with them for a few days.  Well her mom is a sweet's person, so we decided to make a traditional Japanese dessert we already knew she liked :P.  Daifuku is what we made!  It's similar to manju, mochi, and those types of sweets.

I had made it before at a party, and I remember it being easier that time.  That must have been beginners luck, cause I was having all sorts of trouble this time trying to close up the balls.

Of course, you start with making the "outer crust" or mochi.  Sweet rice flour, sugar, water and a few minutes in the microwave.
It turns into this sort of gooey, pliable dough.  Yes, sort of like play do, but hot!  Then what you have to do is divide this huge chunk of dough into small pieces that will become your daifuku.
The sweet potato flour works wonders too!  That's the stuff on the cookie sheet.  Keeps the sticky dough off you and from burning you!

Below is a pic of me in action.  Yes I was making a mess and got the flour all over my shorts ;P.
The only thing left to do after that was to put your azuki beans in and wrap them up!
Honestly, the wrapping part is the hardest.  I had all sorts of trouble trying to get the balls to close nicely without the azuki beans coming out the other side haha.  Anyway, her mom really liked them and it was totally worth it to make those for her.  Finished product below.
And of course you know me, I have a tutorial on it too.  If you're interested in learning how to make these, tutorial is below.


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