Thursday, March 21, 2013

Boba Time!

I'd definitely have to say boba is an asian thing.  Also called bubble tea, tapioca, milk tea.  There are an array of different flavors to choose from.  Basically anything you can think of.  Milk tea would be your basic boba. Black tea, mixed with milk and lots of sugar!  But it really doesn't make it a boba without the "boba" or tapioca.  Yes, the big round balls at the bottom.  Hence the large diameter straw.  But like I said, the imagination is pretty much the limit with this drink.  Not only can you get milk teas, but icys and snow bubbles as well.  Mango snow, avacado snow, passion fruit icy, green apple icy, carmel snow, mocha snow.  That's what makes this asian dessert so versatile.  There's something for everyone!

I remember the first time I tried one of these wayyyy back when.  I remember making a mess from that first sip cause of the over sized straw.  Got that milk tea all over the place, haha.  I guess over the years, I've tried a tonnn of different flavors, from your normal milk teas, to many of the icys and snow bubbles.  A green apple snow or lychee snow is always good if you want a little more sugar than usual :P.  I think though, that even with all these different flavors, I still like the classic ones the best.  These days I usually just stick with your normal milk tea or jasmine green milk tea.  Now, the good boba places first use real tea rather than powder to make the boba.  The hard part is getting just the right consistency of tea to milk and sugar.  Too much sugar, and it's really sweet.  Too much tea, and it gives it an overwhelming strong tea flavor.

Now if you want to get all fancy.  Many places also serve more than just boba in their drinks.  Other things like grass jelly, mini boba, coconut jelly, azuki beans.  And some even have ridiculous size cups too!  Just check out the pic above.  The cup has to be 6" in diameter!  Short and stocky, but still like twice as big as the other cup on top.  I'd have to say Purple Kow is one of my favorite places to get boba when we're out in the city.  This little hole in the wall makes some pretty unique drinks.  You can't see it, but there's grass jelly in there too.  Along with carmel mixed in with the milk tea.  Yummmm sooo good!

You could say boba is like the asian's coffee.  Between $3 and $4 depending on size, I think that's exactly what it is.  Just an alternative to coffee if you don't like coffee but still need caffeine.  Well, assuming you get a milk tea.

This pic is so deceptive from the angle.  Another new twist with a frothy boba.  These are really good too with more of a milk base.  If you think the Purple Kow boba is big, this one is like twice as big.  Only like $4.50 too.  Pretty good deal for the size.

Anyway, next time you're hanging out with your asian friends, ask them about boba if you haven't tried.  It'll definitely be a new experience I'm sure you'll love.  Who doesn't like sugar after all?

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