Thursday, October 25, 2012

Subaru BRZ and the Subies!

One night in late June, we had a great together with a bunch of friends at our favorite Japanese restaurant.  Little did I know that one of my friends had just bought a Subaru BRZ that afternoon.

He had traveled all the way to Reno, NV from the Bay Area to get it!  That's about a 4 hour drive each way!  That's how popular and hard to get these cars are!  As the story goes, he took the day off with a couple of my other friends and basically spent a day driving, to get this highly touted and anticipated car.

Back to the present, after we finished dinner, we all walked outside to see a new BRZ sitting by the rest of our Subaru's.  We knew right away that he had bought the car since we knew he was in the market for a new car.  That first glance at this car was sickkkk.  In a nice pearl white, the corners were sleek, headlights bright, engine bay clean, sweet 6 speed, awesome interior designed by Toyota.

Oh, for some of you who don't know, the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S are pretty much the same car.  Designed in collaboration by Subaru and Toyota, they pushed out their own versions of the car, with slight differences.  Subaru handled the engineering while Toyota took care of the looks.

Back to the story, we didn't do much after dinner that night.  Stopped by a local boba shop (yes, we're Asian and that's how we roll :P) and talked and checked out every detail of the car.  One thing I noticed right off the bat was the oil filter is located upside down and right in the front of the engine bay, quite convenient.  The 2.0L flat 4 is a Subaru trademark and it didn't disappoint.  Rims and brakes looked sweet as ever.  Interior was clean and fresh.

So, like I said, we're Asian.  That means we do car shoots too!  Haha.  Anyway, that was a good night and we now have another Subaru in our crew.  Just wait until later, he's already planning on modding it once more parts come out for the car, including a turbo!  So I'll leave you with one more pic from the night.

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